Student Testimonials  (across design & manufacturing courses)

Pictures from my past teaching (from top left to bottom right): MIT students with a series of clean water prototypes for a partner organization in India, a hands-on investment casting lab, an end-of-semester project showcase, a Stanford student and her sand cast aluminum espresso press, a Stanford undergraduate advisee and his summer research poster, and a group of Zambian inventors/entrepreneurs and MIT students at the Kafue Innovation Center in Zambia. 

Courses Taught (at Stanford, MIT, and an elementary school)

Stanford “Organizing for Good”

Lead Instructor, 2021 (one term, fully virtual)    

Stanford “Design & Manufacturing”

Lead Course Assistant, 2018-2019 (three terms)

Stanford Product Realization Lab 

Course Assistant, 2017-2018 (three terms)

MIT D-Lab Earth / Biodiversity

Co-Instructor, 2012-2016 (five terms) 

As an example of tension between human and earth systems, tillage (pictured to right) can reduce weeds and improve short-term crop yields, but it also degrades the carbon content of soil (Haddaway, et al., 2016).  We need alternatives that sustain soil carbon and grow food production.

MIT “Design for Scale”

Co-Instructor, 2013-2015 (three terms)

MIT “Toy Design" / "Intro to Design"

Lab Instructor, 2014-2016 (three terms)

4th-6th Grade “How Stuff Works” & "Chain Reaction Contraption"

After-school Teacher, 2010-2011 (three terms)

Community-engaged Teaching/Learning 

(in South America, Southern Africa, & East Africa)

Stanford “Journey of Inquiry,” Rwanda & Kenya

Trip Leader, 2019 (one 3-week trip)

Stanford King Center for Global Development

MIT “D-Lab Development,” Zambia

Trip Leader, 2010-2015 (five 4-week trips)


IDDS Design Summits, Brazil, Ghana & Zambia

Participant, Organizer, & Design Coach, 2009-2013 (five 4-6-week summits)